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Request assistance before you travel

If you require assistance to make your journey, please remember to book any help you may need in advance. By letting us know your travel requirements in advance, we can help make sure you have a hassle-free journey. But, even if you need a hand on the day, we'll still do everything we can.

Older and disabled customers can request help and support from staff to assist when travelling by train.

If your journey is direct between two stations managed by TransPennine Express, you can request assistance with as little as 2 hours notice before you travel. If your journey isn’t with TransPennine Express, is to or from a station that we don’t manage, or involves a change, you can request help by calling our assisted travel team up to 10pm the night before you wish to travel.

Keeping you safe during Covid-19

Our team (and those of other operators) will always try to keep at arms-length and will spend the shortest time possible with you when providing your assistance.

Please ensure that you wear a face covering if you can whilst you receive your assistance. There are some exemptions on wearing face coverings, information on exemptions in England can be found here and in Scotland here. Our staff helping you at our stations will also be wearing one to help protect you.

Customers using a wheelchair are requested to face forward. Our staff will wipe the handles on your chair before and after touching them and also position you at least 2m away whilst we set up the train access ramp. If you need to use the lift our team will not accompany you in the lift (unless you specifically request it), we will use the stairs and meet you at the top or bottom so that we maintain social distancing in what are usually confined spaces.

Book assistance

There are a few ways you can let us know you need assistance:

By Phone

How and where we can assist you

Our team can help you at station and on board our trains.

Assisting you at the station

We can assist older and disabled customers throughout the station, offering help with:

  • Providing a ramp to help with boarding and alighting trains, and help connecting between services
  • Lifting luggage on and off the train and helping you around the station
  • Providing help to use the stairs at stations where step free access is not available
  • Provide a station wheelchair or buggy to help with covering longer distances which may be too far for you to walk
  • Providing guidance around the station

Other services are also available. Our Assisted Travel Team can discuss with you what help can be provided at each station.

To help our teams, when you have requested assistance, you should arrive at the station in plenty of time, no less than 20 minutes before your train is due to depart and make yourself known to station staff. Our Assisted Travel Team will confirm your meeting point with you.

Assisting you on board

You can also get assistance when on board the train with finding your seat, or from our on-board staff during your journey.

All trains operated by TransPennine Express meet the accessibility standards set by the government, with dedicated wheelchair user spaces, priority seating, accessible toilets, audio and visual announcements, and much more. Why not take a look at our seating plans to help familiarise yourself before you travel?

Please be aware: With regret, it is not possible for wheelchair users to access First Class on our Class 185 and Class 350 trains. There are also some other trains used in the UK which similarly cannot offer first class travel to wheelchair users. Our Assisted Travel Team can help you to identify these.

Mobility Scooters

We recognise that for many, a mobility scooter enables journeys which may otherwise not be possible, and we seek to carry them on our trains wherever it is safe to do so.

Scooters: our approach
Scooter cards
New trains

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Good to know

Our commitment to rail travel assistance is just one of the ways we’re making your train journey better. Be sure to read all about the Disabled Persons Railcard which can help you save money on your rail travel.

Full details of the services we provide to help older and disabled customers, and the improvements we are making to our services for customers with additional needs, can be found in the following documents (Word and PDF versions available):

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